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So, your car battery has suddenly failed, leaving you broken-down and frustrated and unable to reach your destination. The probable cause, it’s reached the maximum life-span and requires replacing. Heat, vibration, short-distance driving and constant city-gridlock driving conditions are major causes of premature failure.

If your existing battery is between 3 and 4 years old, it’s probably on its “Last Legs”, or expired.

…”Let Us Get You Back On The Road Fast And To Your Destination!”

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  • Your Second Step once you have booked in your appointment, or before making a decision, is to keep reading below to learn why choosing our services and Century Australian-Made batteries,  is a Wise Choice.

Are you stranded at home, work or anywhere roadside in Newcastle or Sydney-Wide?

Our specialty service, is installing automotive batteries roadside, at home, workplace or any location where you require a mobile service that comes to you. Avoid changing it yourself, with the advanced electronics and on-board computers in modern cars, a professional battery technician is your safest option at preventing expensive and dangerous installation errors by doing it on your own. Why? Read more

Can I choose your mobile roadside battery replacement services with confidence?

We have over 12 years experience replacing batteries for Australian (Holden-Ford), Japanese (Toyota-Honda-Mazda-Nissan-Suzuki), European (BMW-Mercedes-Audi-Volkswagen), American (Jeep Chrysler), 4WD and High-Performance vehicles. We also offer expert advice on the correct fitment for your car.

It is vitally important you have the correct manufacturer specifications, such as case size, CCA’s (cold cranking amps), RC (reserve capacity) and in certain vehicles with extra on-board electrical accessories, AMPS (amperes) are especially important.

Our Pricing – “We are not the cheapest nor the dearest, but set a high-standard in quality and professionalism.”

All prices we quote over the phone are inclusive of GST. We don’t give you any nasty surprises when we arrive at your destination, only to find out an additional fee has been added to your original quotation. We are completely upfront from the initial phone inquiry.

Not sure where popular Car Battery Brands are made? Here is our quick reference guide to help you with your inquiries

  1. Century: Australian-Made
  2. Supercharge: Philippines
  3. Exide Australia – Marshalls: Philippines
  4. NRMA – Delkor – AC Delco: Korea

Please download the “Locally Made – Century Car and Passenger Vehicle” features/benefits summary brochure (please click image)

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Century Sealed Maintenance Free Design for your convenience – – No need to add water/electrolyte

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Why Do We Recommend Century As Our First Choice Car Battery Replacement Option?

We’ve been supporting Australian-Made quality and local manufacturing since our establishment in 2001.

Others may claim their vehicle batteries are made in Australia, but only Century can hold this claim to be true. They are Australia’s oldest most recognised battery manufacturer since 1928, and we only want the best for our customers, which is You!

Many types of imported batteries are not suited for optimum performance in hot weather or idle-stop-start city peak driving conditions. They are designed to work in much colder climates than ours, such as in Europe, where heat degradation and electrolyte evaporation is minimal.

Century Batteries, innovators of Smart Drive™ Technology, are specifically engineered in Australia to meet and manage the demanding “warm to hot” Australian conditions. Did you know, Heat is the “No 1” enemy of battery deterioration?

The batteries under the Century Ultra High Performance (36 Month Warranty) and Century High Performance (24 Month Warranty) sealed maintenance free range for example, have been designed to include numerous internal features and significant improvements in order to meet motorists’ demands for long-lasting performance and automotive battery reliability.

Why is quality of utmost importance when purchasing your new battery replacement? Buy Australian-Made Quality!

century smf manufacturingThe battery is the “Heart of Your Vehicle.” Not only does it start your car, it powers your on-board auxiliaries such as the A/C, GPS, stereo, lights and the vehicle’s computers. It must also be able to withstand high temperatures, vibration and idling peak traffic driving conditions.

As you can see, it’s primary function is not just to crank your motor over, but also operates interior functions to keep you comfortable, safe and entertained in your everyday on-road trails. Don’t compromise the quality for the sake of saving a few dollars, which may end-up costing you more in the long-run.

Fact: Century is the only battery made in Australia, for Australians. Don’t be informed otherwise, use your due diligence and do your research. Remember, if it’s not “Branded Century”, it’s not made here locally.

Are you quality focused? If so, book our Newcastle or Sydney roadside delivery and installation service today, and let us get you on your way fast…Learn more About Us – Click Video

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Monday to Sunday: 24 Hours – 7 Days | Call 131 760

Should Your Car Battery Purchase Be Solely Based On Its Cold Cranking Amps (CCA’s)?

Firstly, we must understand how CCA’s are rated. As the word “Cold” is mentioned, the testing procedure involves testing new batteries in a very cold environment of (-18°C). They are placed under-load to measure their amperes discharge rate over a 30 second period, and must not drop below 7.2 Volts (1.2 V per cell) to pass the test.

Please note, these are new fully-charged batteries, and the colder the environment is, the higher the resistance is to allow the electric current to flow through. The warmer the environment is, the lower the resistance is to deliver that same electrical current.

The cold hard facts about CCA overkill 

extreme cold weather jump startingBasically, what this means, in extreme cold, Higher CCA’s are “Crucial”, as internal resistance within the battery to release the electrical current, is dramatically increased. The warmer it is, Higher CCA’s are “Not” as crucial, as internal resistance is decreased, thus releasing the electrical energy in a more effortless delivery.

Fortunately, for us in Australia, we don’t experience these types of extreme harsh winters. Hence, why wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but here, correct?

The only requirement that’s crucial, is purchasing a car battery that meets your vehicle’s manufacturer’s specifications, and that has a reputable name based on the longevity of its starting and auxiliary power life-cycles.

Food for thought: The most common way manufacturers increase CCA’s, is by adding a stronger/higher specific gravity, sulfuric acid mix, which is detrimental and contributes to increased corrosion of internal components. A fine balance for “Longevity and Power” needs to be achieved, and with over 85 years of manufacturing and innovation excellence here in Australia, Century knows that balance very well.

Don’t get over-sold primarily on higher CCA’s, as this does not totally equate to a premium product. A “Strong House-Hold Brand Name” equates to trustworthy quality, durability and reliability.

Here is a great resource we highly recommend on common frequently asked battery questions. (Opens in new window)

Key note:

Your Century car battery offers you the “Best of Both Worlds”…Cold Cranking Amps that meet vehicle manufacturers specifications, and Long-Life Auxiliary/Starting Cyclic Power for years to come.


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