Essential Sydney-Metro Car Battery Prices Buying Guide & Options

car battery prices sydneyWhen comparing car battery prices, you must take into consideration it is one of the most critical components of your vehicle, something that many new and inexperienced motorists fail to consider. The “Life-Cycles” of your battery are just as crucial as its CCA’s, as they power your vehicle’s ignition and on-board auxiliaries such as A/C, GPS, stereo, lights and the vehicle’s computers.

Surprisingly, we get asked over the phone, “Do you have cheap or second hand used automotive batteries?” Our response, “No way!” With modern day vehicle’s sophisticated electronics, you just don’t take the risk with inferior products. Although price plays an important role when shopping around, the importance and function of each product you are buying, needs to be highly considered in your final purchase.

Do your research diligently, by doing so, you will get a better idea where is the best place to buy a car battery based on quality and price.

One important question that you should always ask yourself is, “How much of an inconvenience would it be to me, if that product were to fail?”

When thinking of buying a new battery for your car, which “Option” would you prefer?

Option No 1: Do-it-yourself and buy in store for an approximate $155.00 – $175.00 price tag (fit at your “Own Risk”)

  • Firstly, you will need to make sure, it’s your battery that’s faulty and not some other electrical problem, such as a faulty alternator or starter motor. You will require a digital battery analyser/meter and a hydrometer to carry out the testing. Remember, batteries are classified as “Dangerous Goods”, and health and safety handling procedures must be adhered to at all times.
  • Secondly, you will need to purchase a memory minder to retain your radio’s security and driveabiilty codes when disconnecting your battery. If you don’t have the code at hand and lose it, it will be a time consuming effort and an additional fee involved, retrieving it from your dealer. Scanning may also be required for re-programming and clearing any error codes in most modern European vehicles. (fees apply)

Option No 2: Call the roadside service professionals for a surprisingly affordable price (fully insured, all work guaranteed)

  • Get all the above services by a professional technician, without having to leave your premises. We do all the testing, save your memory and driveability codes, cleaning, and or replace deteriorated accessories such as terminals and cables, (extra fees applicable if new accessories or battery registration is required.) Whether at home, work or roadside, we come to you all suburbs throughout the Sydney-Metro.


…”Let us get you back on the road fast and to your destination!”

Your First Step without delay, is to call our preferred Sydney-Metro 24 Hour Mobile Roadside Battery Replacement service provider:

roadside battery bookingsPhone Now: 131 760

Your Benefits & Services:

  • 24/7 mobile assistance – testing, replacement and jump-start
  • Nil membership required, use as needed, no yearly fee
  • Sydney-Metro and Nationwide extensive network
  • Professional licensed technicians, expertise guaranteed
  • Fully insured for your “Peace of mind” that you’re fully covered
  • All quoted prices include GST, no nasty surprises
  • Brand used – Century the Iconic Australian Brand

Also Servicing: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory | Melbourne, Victoria | Hobart, Tasmania | Adelaide, South Australia | Perth, Western Australia | Darwin, Northern Territory | Brisbane, Queensland

Your Second Step once you have booked in your appointment, or before making a decision, is to keep reading below to learn why choosing our services and Century Australian-Made batteries, is a Wise Choice.

Not sure where popular Car Battery Brands are made? Here is our quick reference guide to help you with your inquiries

  1. Century: Australian-Made
  2. Supercharge: Philippines
  3. Exide Australia – Marshalls: Philippines
  4. NRMA – Delkor – AC Delco: Korea

Please download the “Locally Made – Century Car and Passenger Vehicle” features/benefits summary brochure (please click image)

century smf features and benefits brochure

Century Sealed Maintenance Free Design for your convenience – – No need to add water/electrolyte

century sealed maintenance free

What Influences Sydney Car Battery Prices And What Should You Consider?

When choosing batteries, be aware that prices are affected by certain factors such as brand, manufacturer, size, amps and model. In terms of the brand, many retailers offer generic or no-name brands that are sold at a fraction of the price of a known brand.

Many experienced motorists do not recommend generic car batteries because they are considered less reliable. This may not be true to all generic brands, but many of these products are not established. Their manufacturers may not have the same motivation to offer consumers a more durable product. However, local manufacturers have a more vested interest in offering quality to their local customers due to their close proximity. So why are generic brands still being sold? They’re likely available to give consumers a cheaper alternative.

Brand/Model are factors that also influence the price of batteries

Reputable known brands such as the Century Ultra High Performance (36 Month Warranty) and Century High Performance (24 Month Warranty) sealed maintenance free range, now with Smart Drive™ Technology, will naturally cost more than a less popular or generic brand. They can, however, be relied upon to offer optimum performance, especially in Sydney’s ever increasing harsh city gridlock driving conditions, and have been independently tested to last up to three (3) times longer than other brands in the market.

If you’re looking for a cost effective quality source of power, a “Known Battery Brand Is Your Best Bet”

Another factor that influences car battery prices is the size. Batteries are categorized according to their capacity, something that is referred to as group size. This refers to the dimensions of the unit itself — its height, length and width. The sizes are based on the standard dimensions of the battery tray in a car, which differs depending on the car brand and model.

The key is to focus on quality — the performance level, design and reliability of the battery versus its perceived capability based on its selling price. Look for one that has a solid reputation, one that consistently performs in a given environment it was designed for and one that has earned (and deserved) the trust of vehicle owners and drivers.

After all, who knows which batteries work best than those who actually use them? When your security, comfort and safety depend on choosing the right product, then choose quality over a cheap car battery prices any time.

Where do you find competitive car battery prices without compromising quality?

If there is one particular brand you are looking for, it’s often best to purchase from an authorized re-seller. Manufacturers don’t just simply allow stores to sell their products. They prefer to use dealers and retailers, so they have better control over distribution and customer service. This is also a good way to assure the quality of their car batteries.

Battery prices at authorized re-sellers are usually fixed, although you might find a small price difference from one seller to the next. The advantage in buying from authorized retailers is that you are assured that the battery is brand new, you get assistance from knowledgeable personnel. You’re also likely to receive installation support, and you are covered with a nationwide warranty.

Key note:

Cheaper imported generic car battery prices, tend to be more costly in the long-run since you might have to replace the unit more frequently, and we all know what a great inconvenience that is to your daily routine, correct?

Fact: Century is the only battery made in Australia, for Australians. Don’t be informed otherwise, use your due diligence and do your research. Remember, if it’s not “Branded Century”, it’s not made here locally.

Here is a great resource we highly recommend on common frequently asked battery questions. (Opens in new window)


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