The Toyota Prius Auxiliary Battery Replacement Uses AMG Technology

toyota prius auxiliary batteryWe recently received a Toyota Prius auxiliary battery replacement inquiry in North Sydney from a gentleman named James. The great thing is that he had carried out some online research beforehand concerning the correct car battery specified for a Toyota Prius. We were pretty impressed that he had taken the initiative to ensure he purchased the battery specified for his vehicle. The fact is, it is vitally important that only Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are used for this particular type of vehicle.

What is the only specified battery that must be used when replacing it?

As mentioned, you should only use AGM batteries for the Prius vehicle. They are a valve-regulated recombinant lead-acid battery, which offers superior cyclic abilities to operate the onboard computers and auxiliaries effortlessly. The electrolyte solution is suspended within the highly porous glass fibre mat separators, which act as highly absorbent sponges, holding the internal components firmly together. The two recommended Century battery types are the S34B20R and S46B24R and must be fitted by an experienced battery technician.

The advantages of being a sealed, spill-proof valve-regulated battery make them ideal for fitments in tightly enclosed and hard-to-get locations where regular inspection is difficult, such as the Toyota Prius. In addition, they have low self-discharge and low internal resistance, allowing them to be re-charged efficiently with lower voltages.

Another essential feature that must not be overlooked is that the L-Shaped plug and drain tube must be inserted correctly, which allows the accumulated fluid and gasses to expel away from the vehicle’s interior.

Caution; Installing A Toyota Prius Auxiliary Battery Is Not A Simple Process, Do Not D-I-Y!

toyota prius auxiliary car battery

The Toyota battery replacement for the Prius is not a straightforward procedure. There are specific steps required to remove internal parts to access it and avoid losing the vehicle’s driveability codes and settings. This is where an experienced battery technician’s skills are necessary to ensure they are fitted correctly and safely.

Every time your vehicle is serviced, you must check the auxiliary battery voltage. If the voltage falls below 12.5 volts, it is recommended to top up using an Australian approved charger for sealed AGM, VRLA batteries. The charging voltage must not exceed 4.2A, and in the event, the battery does not fully charge in approximately 10 hours, turn off the charger and discard it. Not doing so will cause the battery to overheat, with a high probability it could explode.


AGM technology and a professional technician must always be used when replacing your Toyota Prius auxiliary battery.

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