Sealed Maintenance Free Battery – How Does Century SMF Technology Work?

sealed maintenance free batteryWith modern SMF Technology (sealed maintenance-free battery design), topping up fluid levels has become a thing of the past. However, since the first lead-acid battery in 1859 invented by French physician Gaston Planté, they were designed to require maintenance. In this “day and age”, most batteries require no maintenance, but the engineering needs to be of a high degree for the technology to be effective.

So How Do The Century Sealed Maintenance Free Battery Components Work In Unison?

labyrinth lid technologyThe Advanced Century Labyrinth Chamber has intricate channels specifically designed to condense water vapour and introduce it into the battery case. It also prevents water/electrolyte leakage in the event of tilting or vibration.

smf double layered lidWhilst the battery is in operation or charging mode, the vapours rise within the Heat Sealed Double Lid Technology. The vapours condense into water and redirect back inside the case as the top lid remains cooler than the bottom lid. It’s a perfect balance to maintain healthy fluid levels and prolong your vehicle’s battery’s service life.

Please consider that the Century expanded calcium grid plates and specialised paste formulation also significantly minimises water evaporation. However, as you can see, although the process seems easy enough, the engineering process is quite technical to ensure components work in complete unison with each other, making it a genuinely non-maintainable product.

sealed maintenance free batteryThe chemical reaction within a battery produces gasses, and since SMF batteries are sealed, excessive gasses need an escape route. This is where the porous Flame Arrestor and Central Venting System work in unison to prevent gas pressure build-up and protection against external sparks, flames and other ignition sources.

The 1st Australian-Made Century SMF Range, industry-leading technology and engineering innovation, offer a genuinely high-quality choice for both your vehicle and individuals looking for trouble-free, no maintenance motoring.

sealed maintenance free battery

Key Note:

Although there are other good quality SMF batteries on the market, it pays to do your research when making your selection. The internal components and engineering design play a significant role in the longevity and functionality of a non-maintainable battery.

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