Your Mobile Car Battery Replacement Checklist Before Booking

mobile car battery replacementJust like any purchase you make, due diligence always has excellent benefits for you personally. Your mobile car battery replacement service is no exception; hence, why we provide a “Checklist” just for you.

Keep reading, and take notes before booking the right service provider. You might be surprised about considerations you might overlook that ensure “Smooth Sailing” in getting your vehicle back on the road.

When under stress, especially stranded with a dead battery, essential questions and information may not be considered when making your inquiries. The last thing you need is a product and service that does not meet your standards or was initially not converse with you.

Here Is Your Mobile Car Battery Replacement Checklist

Most automotive battery roadside service providers are professional, courteous and will ask you for all the information they require. In saying this, you need to keep your “Blinkers On” with all your inquiries.

  1. Ask if they are a professional battery technician experienced in all types of vehicles.
  2. Do they have public liability and fully insured in the event of a mishap.
  3. What type of batteries do they have, where are they made and warranty cover.
  4. How many mobile service vehicles do they have covering the area to facilitate customers.
  5. Do they have the latest equipment to carry out diagnosing and new car battery management registration where required?
  6. Do they have a Nationwide Warranty in the event the battery fails within the warranty period?
  7. Does your buy car battery price include GST, or is it an extra addition? Surprisingly, if you do not ask this question, you might get a “Rude Shock” later.

The first thing to do when the technician arrives

  • Politely ask the technician to show you the battery they are installing. Must be the correct price, make, type and specified warranty that you purchased.
  • Stay in proximity to ensure the same battery you purchased is in your vehicle. Please do not disturb the technician while completing the job to ensure safety.
  • Once completed, make sure you receive a Company/Business Invoice with the exact battery you purchased. Please do not lose it for warranty issues.

“Are online reviews a good indicator?” — you ask

..Yes and No!

One question, “Do you like giving reviews?”

With most reviews, once again, you must use your judgement. “Word of Mouth” is the best indicator of the reputation of a business or product. We are not saying reviews are entirely useless; unfortunately, they can be easily manipulated and created with Fake Profiles.

The most misrepresenting reviews are the 1 Star reviews with no comments. How do you decide if a business or product is terrible solely based on a Star? The truth is you cannot, quite laughable and suspect actually. How search engines allow this is entirely unacceptable.

It is a common problem for businesses, as most reviews do not even have original names and cannot authenticate. Our advice, don’t make assumptions solely based on reviews. Look for platforms where customers are validated to ensure they are genuine.

Go to the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) site to see how to manage online reviews.

Use our checklist, be positive and give them an opportunity; you might be surprised with a smile from “Ear to Ear”.

Key Note:

A checklist is always important when making a purchase. By doing your research, your car battery replacement will be a “Stress-Free” experience. That is our Goal!

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