What Makes The Best Car Battery In Australia?

best car battery in australiaWhich brand do we consider the best car battery in Australia? Car Battery Australia is proud to be a distributor of high-quality batteries offering durability, exceptional cold-cranking amps, reserve capacity and amperage hours.

This information guide is not a biased opinion but based on the fact we have used two brands for numerous years with an exceptional longevity record, keeping our customers happy.

Your car battery is one of the essential parts of your car, and when it goes dead, you’ll need to replace it with a new one. But what makes a good battery? There are a few things you should pay attention to when purchasing one.

Let’s look at a few factors without getting too technical to understand them in simple terms:

  • Cold Cranking Amps:

So you jump into your car and insert the key to start your car engine. The initial power required to start your car, the rating based in a cold environment, are (CCA’s) Cold Cranking Amps. The colder the temperature, the more (CCAs) are required.

  • Reserve Capacity:

You are on a road trip in the middle of nowhere, and your alternator fails, and the nearest mechanic workshop is thirty minutes away. The time your fully charged battery can get you there without receiving charge from your alternator is the (RC) Reserve Capacity. A higher (RC) means it’s less likely you will get stranded in a similar situation.

  • Amperage Hours:

If you are parked on the road with the motor turned off, ignition on, the radio and GPS working, your battery’s (Ah) Amp Hour capacity is the energy to keep them active. The greater the (Ah), the more extended output before it goes flat.

  • Longevity Is The Key:

It is insignificant which battery brand promotes they have the highest Cold Cranking Amps; the key to a superior battery is functionality and, most importantly, longevity.

  • How Long Do Car Batteries Last In Australia?

Depending on your driving habits, correct fitment specifications and regular battery maintenance such as cleaning and checking posts and terminals they will last between three and five years.

Why Do We Consider Century One Of The Best Battery In Australia?

We have used Century Batteries since 2001; the warranty percentage is less than 1%, a remarkable performance. In addition, the four factors we mentioned above are sufficient to cover all (OEM) vehicle manufacturing specifications. Hence, they are official suppliers to the leading vehicle brand suppliers in Australia.

We pride ourselves on providing the best car battery replacement service in our local regions. The batteries are matched to your specific vehicle requirements ensuring outstanding performance in all driving conditions for a long time. Being an Australian Made product, Century compliments our business model, offering our customers’ service and “second to none” products.

The Ultra-High Performance range is our #1 product offering exceptional starting power, reserve capacity and amp-hours. The presentation is impeccable, with Iconic Blue and Yellow case, detailed and well-designed labelling and delivered in showroom condition.

Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

best car battery in australia

Which Is Our No1 Recommended Imported Automotive Battery

Hands down, Supercharge Batteries, offers all the above features noted. Since 2001, they have formed part of our range, providing value for money and exceptional quality. In addition, they can withstand the harshest conditions our environment offers, giving you “peace of mind”.

They have a nationwide warranty covering 40-30-24 months, offering years of trouble-free starting and auxiliary power. Once again, longevity is the key to keeping our customers on the road for years to come.

Maintenance-Free Design Features:

  • Hydroeye™ – State of charge indicator
  • Porex Technology – Advanced breather system prevents pressure build-up
  • Liquid Gas Separator – Allows acid recirculation
  • Advanced Polypropelene Casing – Robust impact resistance
  • Polyethylene Envelope Separators – minimise electrical resistance providing more cranking power
  • Proprietory Paste Formulation – Delivers more cranking power and reserve capacity
  • Expanded Lead Calcium Tin Grids – protection against corrosion, overcharging, excessive gassing and creeping

Customers needing quality at an economical price surpass Century Batteries in affordability.

Our Rating: 9 out of 10

The Supercharge Batteries Range

Exceptional Value, Power, Longevity & Warranty

supercharge gold plus

(Supercharge Gold Plus 40 Month Warranty Private Use Only)

Premium Robust Starting Power & Reserve Capacity

Suitability: Large capacity engines and fully accessorised vehicles


Supercharge Gold Plus Info – Read More!

supercharge silver plus

(Supercharge Silver Plus 30 Month Warranty Private Use Only)

Exceptional Starting Power & Reserve Capacity

Suitability: Medium capacity engines and standard accessorised vehicles


Supercharge Silver Plus Info – Read More!

supercharge powerstation

(Supercharge Power Station 24 Month Warranty Private Use Only)

Reliable Starting Power & Performance

Suitability: Earlier model vehicles with minimal accessories


Supercharge Power Station Info – Read More!

car battery acid stratification

Key Note:

Choosing Century and Supercharge Batteries as the best car battery in Australia is made simple after years of trouble-free performance, a meagre warranty percentage rate and numerous happy motorists.

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