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We are a subdivision of the Powerguard Batteries wholesale business, established in 2001. We were extremely excited about expanding our wholesale battery business to include a car battery replacement service for customers requiring a professional and reliable battery fitment and delivery facility.

We understand when faced with a situation where your battery fails you need a professional battery replacement service so that you can arrive at your destination as quickly as a possible. We will always endeavour to arrive at your destination of trouble promptly.

(Existing customer bookings, traffic and weather permitting.)

”Let us get you back on the road fast and to your destination!”

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Our experience

We have over 15 years experience within the auto battery industry, so you can be confident that we have the expertise and knowledge of battery products giving you “Peace of Mind” that your battery replacement is in good hands.

It’s unfortunate but true, that the general public underestimates the importance of purchasing a high-quality battery which is responsible for critical car starting and ongoing operation of important auto-electrical auxiliaries. This is where our experience plays a big part in educating you, as to which battery replacement is right for you and your car.

Our products

We have the buying power and ability to purchase any type of vehicle battery. Our focus is on quality, durability and reliability and preferably locally made. We are not of the cheapest or lowest quality available, and that’s your “Peace of Mind”, knowing you are dealing with a respectable and professional service provider with you in mind.

Our pricing

All prices we quote over the phone are inclusive of GST. We don’t give you any nasty surprises when we arrive at your destination, only to find out an additional fee has been added to your original quotation. We are completely upfront with the initial phone inquiry.

Our “Service Motto”

We always greet our customers with a “Smile” and perform our services with complete professionalism. Our “Motto”, is to leave each customer once we have completed our work, 100% satisfied. In the event we need to improve in certain areas, your feedback is most welcome.

Our website

We have designed our site with you in mind. It’s “Primarily Geared” not only to guide and pre-sell to you but also educate about the “How, When, Where and Why” about automotive battery resources. The design is “Full-Responsive” as well, making it user-friendly on all forms of devices, mobile phones, desktop and tablets e.t.c, enabling it to resize itself automatically within each device being used.

Our site is SSL Certificate secured and your personal information shared on our site is safeguarded.

Our commitment to you

Our sole commitment is to build a large network of satisfied customers by offering a Newcastle Region mobile battery replacement service and product that is “Second to None.” We have proven this is possible by having established a successful wholesale battery business using the same customer rapport building principles we exercise at Car Battery Australia. Considering, we have large bulk-buying power, we always strive to offer you competitive car battery prices as well.


The more you know about us and our services rendered, the more inclined you are to be our customer for a “Life-Time.” Our testimonials are our best endorsements to prove that.

Fact: Century is the only battery made in Australia, for Australians. Don’t be informed otherwise, use your due diligence and do your research. Remember, if it is not “Branded Century”, it is not made here locally.

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