AGM Car Battery – Application Features And Benefits

agm car batteryAbsorbed Glass Mat (AGM car battery) is known for its exemplary performance and is a maintenance-free product. The reason is that they are not wet-flooded like other non-maintenance batteries. So what makes AGM car batteries more powerful? There are several reasons which we will explain in this article.

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) car battery is a type of sealed lead-acid battery that uses a fibreglass mat to absorb and contain the battery electrolyte rather than traditional liquid acid. AGM batteries are considered a type of VRLA (Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid) battery.

They are known for their sealed design, which eliminates the need for regular maintenance and makes them more resistant to leakage and spillage. AGM batteries also have a higher energy density and a faster recharge time than traditional flooded lead-acid batteries. As a result, they are often used in applications requiring a reliable, maintenance-free power source.

They have highly porous glass fleet separators (absorbed glass mats) between the plates, preventing the electrolyte from moving around. While gel cell automotive batteries are also spill-proof, one of the advantages AGM batteries have is that they can withstand more impact.

All vehicles fitted with OEM AGM batteries must not be replaced with cheaper conventional types; they must be the same technology.

What are the advantages of an AGM car battery over conventional types?

  • Power

Have the capability to start engines, even if they are significantly drained. This makes them ideal for newer vehicles with start-stop technology, which shuts off a car’s engine when idling to conserve energy. In addition, these cars need a powerful battery to operate because it needs to power other auxiliary components while the engine is off.

  • Reliability

They can be significantly discharged without suffering damage and recharged ((3 times cyclic endurance ability) after sitting idle for an extended period without any adverse effects.

  • No maintenance required

You don’t need to top up an AGM car battery’s liquid levels because they are not wet-flooded. Instead, they have a recombinant chamber, which means the hydrogen and oxygen gasses combine to form fluid returned to the glass fleet separators.


Vehicles with “Idle-Stop-Start” technology must be installed with AGM batteries. However, AGM Technology is also highly suitable for conventional high-performance and luxury vehicles with large auxiliary loads.

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