AGM Car Battery – Application Features And Benefits

agm car batteryAbsorbed Glass Mat (AGM car battery) is known for its exemplary performance and is a real maintenance-free product. The reason is, that they are not wet flooded like other so-called non-maintenance batteries. So what makes AGM car batteries more powerful? There are several reasons which we will explain in this article.

They have highly porous glass fleet separators (absorbed glass mats) between the plates, preventing the electrolyte from moving around. While gel cell automotive batteries are also spill-proof, one of the advantages AGM batteries have is that they can withstand more impact.

All vehicles fitted with OEM AGM batteries must not be replaced with cheaper conventional types, they must be the same technology.

What are the advantages of an AGM car battery over conventional types?

  • Power

Have the capability to start engines, even if they are significantly drained. This makes them ideal for newer vehicles with start-stop technology, which shuts off a car’s engine when it is idling to conserve energy. These cars need a mighty battery to operate because it needs to power other auxiliary components of the car while the engine is off.

  • Reliability

They can be significantly discharged without suffering damage and can be recharged ((3 times cyclic endurance ability) after sitting idle for an extended period of time without any negative effects.

  • No maintenance required

You don’t need to top up an AGM car battery’s liquid levels because they are not wet flooded. They have a recombinant chamber, which means the hydrogen and oxygen gasses combine to form fluid returned to the glass fleet separators.


Vehicles with “Idle-Stop-Start” technology must be installed with AGM batteries. However, AGM Technology is also highly suitable for conventional high performance and luxury vehicles with large auxiliary loads.

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