A CTEK Car Battery Charger Prolongs The Life Of Your Battery

ctek car battery chargerFew drivers may not realise that a charger is as important as the battery itself. The CTEK car battery charger is robust and reliable, they are “second to none”. They are a premium source of power for cells that have been entirely or partially discharged and prevents the two most common enemies that exponentially shortens their life-cycles, sulfation and battery acid stratification.

If you are an individual who rarely drives their car, this is a “Must Have” item in your garage.

Reasons why we highly recommend the CTEK car battery charger for all your maintenance needs:

  1. Manufactured by CTEK Power, Inc., which is a leading manufacturing company in Sweden known for their state-of-the-art research and production facilities.
  2. They take the design and production of their chargers very seriously and are acknowledgment as the world’s smartest battery chargers.
  3. The chargers undergo a stringent process of production that uses computerized imagery and design to keep every unit perfect down to the last detail. The chargers are built tough and come with a protective system to prevent short circuits.
  4. They are also designed for safer charging. The units are fully automatic, making them the perfect choice for conventional and trickle charging. A built-in sensor detects the amount of charge the battery has and will automatically switch off the charger to stop the load and prevent overheating.
  5. If the voltage drops to a certain point, the charger will commence loading when needed. Because of smart automation, there is no risk that the batteries will ever suffer from damages caused by overcharging, an issue that is all-too-common with lesser brands.

Is The CTEK Car Battery Charger Truly Smart?

CTEK chargers are designed to offer optimum performance even in the harshest winter weather, thanks to a built-in cold temperature mode. If you ever need a charger you can rely on it to deliver on the coldest day of the year, this is the one.

They are designed to be resistant to weather, water and shock and is excellent for use even outdoors. These are multi-purpose chargers and will work with batteries for boats, motorbikes, even lawn mowers. No wonder Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini and Ferrari rely on CTEK to power the world’s most powerful cars.

Keep These Three Battery Maintenance Tools Handy!

car battery maintenanceBy regularly checking the state of your battery you will avoid getting stranded with a dead one. Ongoing inspection is the key to have years of trouble-free starting power, longevity and not having to call a roadside replacement service for a Long, Long Time.

Fact: Short distance driving and not using your vehicle enough leads to undercharged batteries which equals acid stratification and sulfation. The number one reason they fail prematurely.

Matson Battery Tester-ph-BT301-v2

1) The Matson Electronic Battery Tester with Printer will give you an Instant State of Health in the condition of your battery. This is a “Must Have Tool” if you would like to increase the Longevity and Replacement Intervals.

Ctek Battery Charger-MXS-10

2) In the event the digital tester says it requires a charge the Ctek MXS 10 12V 10 Amp Smart Battery Charger (56-823) and will keep your battery in Optimum Condition at all times.

Matson Jump Starter-ph-MA18000

3) If you accidentally leave your Headlights or an Interior Light on you must keep a portable Matson 12 Volt Lithium Jump Starter in your Glove Box. It’s happened to most of us only to find out our battery has gone completely flat and unable to start the vehicle.


The worst enemy for a battery is to be in a constant state of discharge. This is especially true for city dwellers who don’t drive frequently enough, short distances or catch public transport to work.

A CTEK car battery charger will keep your battery in peak charged condition at all times, hence prolonging its life by preventing sulfation and acid stratification.


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