The Following Car Battery Recycling Tips Show How They Are Disposed Of And Recycled

Sooner or later, your automotive battery will give up and cannot be recharged again. It will probably take a few years, particularly in dependable, reliable brands, but once it deteriorates and eventually fails, you will have no other choice but to dispose of it.

There is, however, concern regarding the safety of disposing of batteries considering that they contain certain heavy metals that can pollute the environment. These may include nickel, mercury, lead, sulfuric acid and cadmium. As a result, most batteries undergo recycling. The recycling process allows them to be disposed of safely and without causing potential harm to the environment.

What Is The Process Of Car Battery Recycling Plants By Re-Using The Old Battery Components?

Did you know that 98% of a vehicle’s battery can be recycled and manufactured into other new useful products?

car battery recycling1) What happens to sulfuric acid?

By converting sulfuric acid to sodium sulfate, it is then possible after the recycling process to manufacture consumer goods such as laundry detergents, glass and fertilisers.

2) How is the lead component recycled?

During the recycling phase of used lead, most impurities are filtered out through the molten lead process. It is then formed into lead ingots for use in the manufacturing of various products.

3) How is the polypropylene case recycled?

The battery polypropylene cases and lids are recycled by being chipped into numerous small pieces, which are then used to manufacture garden planters, pots and rubbish bins, e.t.c.

What are the current car battery recycling and environmental guidelines?

If your community allows a pickup of recyclables at bins placed along curbs, do not dump your old batteries with these items. Batteries require special attention for recycling, and curbside bins are not the proper place for them. It is better to look for recycling centres set up in many parts of your locality, usually at shops, car dealers and even designated areas.

Some car repair shops do accept batteries for recycling. Check with your local mechanic or auto-electrician to see whether they recycle and not merely dispose of them. Some may also work with third-party car battery recycling companies and act as collection centres for them.

“Earth Day” is specifically allocated for disposing of old batteries

On Earth Day, AAA launches the Great Battery Round-Up by setting up collection sites for battery recycling. The AAA turns these batteries into new ones and donates a portion of the revenue to several environmental groups.


Please don’t forget; we also dispose of your old battery responsibly once we have completed our professional roadside installation services. We, too, are environmentally conscious for the benefit of current and future generations.

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