Understanding Your Century Car Battery Warranty Conditions

car battery warrantyFor your “Peace of Mind”, all batteries from Century purchased through us are protected by a comprehensive car battery warranty. Motorists are assured of even more excellent protection since your Century warranty is supported by the leading sales and distribution network throughout Australia. It makes it easier to locate dealerships that can offer assistance when and where it’s needed most.

The warranty offered with every purchase covers faulty materials, repair and workmanship between 40, 30 and 12 months, depending on the battery type purchased. (Please read the warranty conditions label located on the battery casing)

Your Century Car Battery Warranty Does Not Cover The Following

  1. Failure of the motorist to show a receipt as proof of purchase.
  2. Leaving your vehicle idle without driving for long periods at a time. This eventually leads to a state known as “battery acid stratification”, caused by the insufficient charge being applied by the vehicle’s alternator.
  3. The car battery is no longer covered because the warranty period has already expired.
  4. The battery had not been correctly installed and was damaged as a result.
  5. The battery was damaged or discharged due to faulty or careless handling and negligence.
  6. The battery was misused for an application the manufacturer considers inappropriate and unsuitable.
  7. The external area is severely damaged or in poor physical condition.
  8. The battery was either under or overcharged.
  9. The battery was not maintained and cared for properly or an additive added to the acid electrolyte solution.
  10. Transportation costs to and from the warranty location.

Take note of the early warning signs of battery failure within your warranty period

It’s also important to be aware of early warning signs of battery failure. If the vehicle starts more slowly than normal, for example, it may be that a vehicle battery is showing signs of wear and tear. You might want to contact Car Battery Australia or your nearest dealer for a battery test “free of charge”, especially if it’s within your car battery warranty cover period.

In some cases, motorists that experienced a “so-called” faulty automotive battery had a battery that was discharged. It may be necessary to check the electrical system of the vehicle to eliminate other causes. From our experience, though, if a battery is between 3 and 4 years old, its life cycles are close to expiring.


To help protect your rights as a consumer, we recommend understanding the reasons and factors contributing to premature battery failure. Many motorists think that a new battery replacement will fix the problem when it might only be a temporary solution.

We highly recommend a great resource on common frequently asked battery questions. (Opens in new window)

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