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car batteries gosford nswWe provide professional and prompt car batteries, Gosford NSW 2250, services for emergency assistance residents. Nothing is more stressful than being stranded with a dead battery stopping you from arriving at your destination.

Whether on the road, picking children up from school, or in a shopping centre, you can count on Car Battery Australia to be there to Help You in the shortest possible time. We are professional, courteous, take pride in our work, and treat your vehicle as if it were our own.

Our customers are of paramount importance, and from the initial phone call, we ask you some questions to resolve your dilemma. The more accurate information we receive about your vehicle, the sooner we can book your mobile battery service.

Highly Trusted Mobile Car Batteries Gosford Services

Being a trustworthy car battery replacement business, we are upfront with the inclusions of our services. Therefore, from the initial booking, we offer the following:

  1. Upon arrival, we carry out a digital test of the old battery to determine the cause of your problem why your vehicle is not starting.
  2. If our test confirms the battery is faulty, we will replace it with quality sealed maintenance-free Century Batteries made in Australia. We support locally made to promote quality and jobs. A nationwide warranty is available to all our customers.
  3. Before disconnecting the old battery, we place a memory saving device to keep all your driveability and computer settings intact.
  4. We clean terminals, battery tray and spray a protective coating on the terminals for longevity upon completion.
  5. Finally, we do a full load digital test on the alternator and starting system to ensure the charging voltage is correct.
  6. We reconfigure/reset Instant Stop-Start Car Batteries to notify the BMS (Battery Management System) a new battery has been installed. This applies to most vehicles that require this specialised installation.
  7. A print-out report is attached to your Invoice, which we email to you once payment has been processed.

Are You Ready To Book With Car Battery Australia?

Please call our Car Batteries Gosford phone number or use our customer contact form; our Battery Technicians can be there in Approximately 1 Hour to get you back on the road. Ensure you have all your vehicle details ready, so there is no extra delay to arrive at your location.

Do You Have An Instant Stop-Start Vehicle?

Please note, it is imperative to know if your vehicle is an Instant Stop-Start System requiring specialised batteries. Conventional types used in standard starting systems cannot withstand the constant idling and start experienced in ISS Technology. Therefore, under no circumstances do we use a conventional starting battery in this application.

How to identify if your vehicle utilises an ISS System

  • When your vehicle comes to a stop, does the engine turn off and then instantly turns on when the brake is disengaged?
  • Do you have a symbol on your dashboard depicting an Idle Stop-Start System accompanied by switch control to engage or turn off as required?
  • Check the labelling on your existing battery to see if it reads ISS EFB or ISS AGM battery.
  • Is your vehicle badged as BlueMotion, Skyactiv, i-Stop, Hybrid, Eco, eAssist, ISG or ISS?

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We Support Australian Made Batteries & Local Jobs

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“Car Battery Delivery & Installation To Get You Moving Fast!”

Click number to call us:
02 4044 2807

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Please have the following information ready:

  • Vehicle make, model and year
  • Is it petrol or diesel?
  • Is it an Instant Stop-Start vehicle?
  • Would you like to get alerted in future before your battery fails? If YES, learn more here. Then, our Battery Technician can fit one with your new battery replacement for an extra small fee if you require it.

We Offer A Comprehensive Service

15+ Years Of Experience Installing Batteries In Any Location!

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Clean Battery Terminals, Posts & Compartment Surroundings!

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Free Complete Alternator Load Charging Test With Customer Print-Out On Every New Battery Replacement!

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We Use A Specialised Memory Saving Device To Keep Codes & Driveability Settings Intact Before Disconnecting The Old Battery!

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We Reconfigure/Reset New Battery Replacements Into The BMS (Battery Management System) For Vehicles That Require The Procedure, Which Cannot Be Overlooked!

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Here is a great resource we highly recommend on common frequently asked battery questions. (Opens in new window)

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