Car Batteries Lake Macquarie Mobile Replacement & Fitting Services

car batteries lake macquarie nswOur friendly expert team offer car batteries, Lake Macquarie NSW, roadside mobile replacement services. Understanding how stressful it is to break down with a dead battery, we prioritise our customer bookings to reach them rapidly and get them moving.

We have accumulated vast experience in changing vehicle batteries in every situation. It is no problem for us to fit under your seat, floor panel, boot, or wheel arch; that is correct, a time-consuming job. However, you can count on us to solve your problem and look after your pride and joy as if they were our own.

Living a busy lifestyle forgetting little things is easy, like leaving your headlights or an interior accessory switched on. Then, when you have finished your chores, you arrive back at your car only to realise you have a flat battery. Please do not stress, though, as our expert, Lake Macquarie Jump Start Service, will get you started and back driving again; we are just a phone call away. In addition, a complimentary alternator digital test is offered on the day to ensure it is not faulty.

Our Quoted Prices Include:

  • Brand new auto battery to correct specifications as discussed in your phone inquiry
  • Delivery, installation, memory saving, clean surroundings, terminal protective spray and testing
  • Battery reset/configuration tool scanning where the vehicle’s battery management system requires it
  • We take away your old battery for recycling, offering a complete professional and environmentally friendly service

First & Foremost We Save Your Vehicles On-Board Diagnostic Memory & Perform New Battery Configuration Scans

With Modern Day Vehicles You Need An Experienced Battery Technician

car batteries lake macquarie

With Onboard Computer Codes, Driveability Settings & ISS Technology, You Can’t Just Disconnect The Battery As We Did With Older Technology!

Do You Have An Instant Stop-Start Vehicle? Do Not D-I-Y!

Please note that it is imperative to know if your vehicle is an Instant Stop-Start System requiring specialised batteries. Conventional types used in standard starting systems cannot withstand the constant idling and start experienced in ISS Technology. Therefore, under no circumstances do we use a conventional starting battery in this application if requested by a customer to save money.

  • Most ISS vehicles will require a new battery configuration scan and iStop function reset

There are two types of ISS Batteries (Instant Stop-Start) – Only OEM Types Must Be Used

  • ISS EFB (Enhanced Flooded Batteries) incorporates a flooded durable cell system with enhanced 2x charging acceptance to handle ISS systems’ extra energy cyclic capabilities. They approximately generate 85,000 engine starts compared to 30,000 from standard batteries. They are suited for standard ISS vehicles with dependable cyclic and starting power.
  • ISS AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) has superior engine starting power with 3x higher cycling performance. In addition, they incorporate very thin fibreglass matting, which absorbs the sulfuric acid making them spill-proof and utterly free of maintenance. They are suited for advanced ISS vehicles which require superior cyclic and starting power.

How to identify if your vehicle utilises an ISS System

  • When your vehicle comes to a stop, does the engine turn off and then instantly turns on when the brake is disengaged?
  • Do you have a symbol on your dashboard depicting an Idle Stop-Start System accompanied by a switch control to engage or turn off as required?
  • Check the labelling on your existing battery to see if it reads ISS EFB or ISS AGM battery.
  • Is your vehicle badged as BlueMotion, Skyactiv, i-Stop, Hybrid, Eco, eAssist, ISG or ISS?

car batteries lake macquarie

Our Car Batteries Lake Macquarie Assistance Range

Exceptional Value, Power, Longevity & Warranty

supercharge gold plus

(Supercharge Gold Plus 40 Month Warranty Private Use Only)

Premium Robust Starting Power & Reserve Capacity

Suitability: Large capacity engines and fully accessorised vehicles

supercharge silver plus

(Supercharge Silver Plus 30 Month Warranty Private Use Only)

Exceptional Starting Power & Reserve Capacity

Suitability: Medium capacity engines and standard accessorised vehicles

supercharge powerstation

(Supercharge Power Station 24 Month Warranty Private Use Only)

Reliable Starting Power & Performance

Suitability: Earlier model vehicles with minimal accessories

“Car Battery Delivery & Installation To Get You Moving Fast!”

Click the number to call us:
02 4044 2807

mobile car battery replacement
Please have the following information ready:

  • Vehicle make, model and year
  • Is it petrol or diesel?
  • Is it an Instant Stop-Start vehicle?
  • Would you like to get alerted in future before your battery fails? If YES, learn more here. Then, our Battery Technician can fit one with your new battery replacement for an extra small fee if you require it.

We Offer A Comprehensive Service

15+ Years Of Experience Installing Batteries In Any Location!

toyota prius auxiliary car batteries lake macquarie

Clean Battery Terminals, Posts & Compartment Surroundings!

clean car battery terminals

Free Complete Alternator Load Charging Test With Customer Print-Out On Every New Battery Replacement!

car battery digital test

We Use A Specialised Memory Saving Device To Keep Codes & Driveability Settings Intact Before Disconnecting The Old Battery!

car drivability settings

We Reconfigure/Reset New Battery Replacements Into The BMS (Battery Management System) For Vehicles That Require The Procedure, Which Cannot Be Overlooked!

car battery registration

”Have confidence using our services, please read below”

We Specialise In All Vehicle Makes & Models

automobile makes

Why Choose Our Car Batteries Lake Macquarie Replacement Services?

  • No membership required; 15+ years of experience

No expensive membership sign-up fees are required. Only pay for products and services needed at the time of the breakdown. (We come to you)

  • We trouble-shoot first

Upon arrival, we carry out a Midtronics Digital Test to determine if it’s a battery, alternator, starter motor or parasitic drain that is the root of your starting problems. If you left your headlights or an interior accessory on, we have a Jump Start service available, fee applicable.

  • We inspect the surroundings

Not only do we test, but we also clean and change deteriorated cables, battery trays and terminals to keep your new battery in optimum shape. (Additional fees apply for new accessories)

  • Time of arrival – (car batteries Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, NSW area)

We will arrive at your location at the earliest time possible, usually a realistic 1-1½ hour from the initial phone call. Our #1 priority is to get you mobile and on your way fast. (Pending weather, traffic and existing job delays)

  • Type of batteries we use

Depending on your vehicle type and on-board accessories, we will fit either a:

  1.  Century Ultra High Performance (40 Month Warranty)
  2.  Century High Performance (30 Month Warranty)
  3. Supercharge Batteries; our No1 imported brand (40-30-24 Month Warranty)

(Click links for features and benefits)

  • We save your vehicle’s vital memory codes

We use specialised memory code saving devices to preserve your vehicle’s existing radio and drive-ability computer management settings. (Pending if the battery voltage is sufficient upon arrival of call-out to keep codes intact)

  • New battery registration programming (Procedure cannot be overlooked)

The new battery will have to be reset and registered in most modern vehicles, especially European makes and Instant Stop-Start Systems. This is vital to notify the Computer Management and IBS (Intelligent Battery Sensors) to adjust and erase its old charging memory patterns. (Extra fees may apply for this service, please ask the technician/consultant before booking)

  • Payment options and pricing

Pay onsite using our mobile Eftpos and Credit Card facilities. Although not the cheapest, our pricing will be money well spent purchasing superior products, expertise, and personalised services. We don’t “cut corners” to offer the cheapest or lowest prices; Quality is our focus!

  • Warranty cover

Nationwide warranty to cover you if your battery fails within the 40 Month or 30 Month warranty period. “Peace of Mind” in your everyday travels. (Please refer to the warranty conditions on the battery label) 

Our Car Batteries Lake Macquarie Service Area & Surrounding Suburbs

car battery replacement lake macquarie

  • Argenton 2284
  • Balcolyn 2264, Belmont 2280, Blackalls Park 2283, Blacksmiths 2281, Bonnells Bay 2264, Boolaroo 2284, Brightwaters 2264
  • Cameron Park 2285, Cams Wharf 2281, Cardiff 2285, Catherine Hill Bay 2281, Caves Beach 2281, Charlestown 2290, Coal Point 2283, Coorangbong 2265, Croudace Bay 2280
  • Dora Creek 2264
  • Edgeworth 2285, Eleebana 2282
  • Holmesville 2286
  • Kilaben Bay 2283, Killingworth 2278
  • Gateshead 2290, Glendale 2285
  • Lakelands 2282
  • Mannering Park 2259, Marks Point 2280, Mirrabooka 2264, Moonee 2259, Morisset 2264, Mount Hutton 2290, Murrays Beach 2281
  • Nords Wharf 2281
  • Pelican 2281
  • Rathmines 2283, Redhead 2290
  • Seahampton 2286, Speers Point 2284, Swansea 2281
  • Teralba 2284, Toronto 2283
  • Valentine 2280
  • Wakefield 2278, Wangi Wangi 2267, Warners Bay 2282, West Wallsend 2286, Whitebridge 2290, Windemere Park, Wyee 2259.

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