Who Invented The Battery & How Did Car Batteries Evolve?

who invented the batteryA common search online is the question, “Who invented the battery? We show you some interesting historical facts about the Baghdad Battery and how car batteries eventually were created.

Thanks to batteries, people can enjoy various items that make life easier or more enjoyable. Even though it seems like a new invention, history shows its roots in the ancient past.


Sealed Maintenance Free Battery – How Does Century SMF Technology Work?

sealed maintenance free batteryWith modern SMF Technology (sealed maintenance-free battery design), topping up fluid levels has become a thing of the past. However, since the first lead-acid battery in 1859 invented by French physician Gaston Planté, they were designed to require maintenance. In this “day and age”, most batteries require no maintenance, but the engineering needs to be of a high degree for the technology to be effective.


BMW Battery Registration App Tool Why Is It Important To Your Vehicle’s Performance?

bmw battery registration toolWhy is a BMW battery registration necessary? After completing a new car battery installation, it’s vitally important that you register/reprogram/reset the change in the vehicle’s computer system to let it know it’s a new battery and erase its old charging pattern memory clean. The reason behind this is that the more modern models of BMW now have an incredibly sophisticated electrical system fitted with IBS (Intelligent Battery Sensors), which tailors the charging process to the battery’s type and age.


The Toyota Prius Auxiliary Battery Replacement Uses AMG Technology

toyota prius auxiliary batteryWe recently received a Toyota Prius auxiliary battery replacement inquiry in North Sydney from a gentleman named James. The great thing is that he had done online research beforehand concerning the correct car battery specified for a Toyota Prius. Furthermore, we were impressed that he had taken the initiative to ensure he purchased the battery specified for his vehicle. It is vitally important that only Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are used for this particular type of vehicle.


Stop-Start-Batteries And Systems – How Do They Cut Down Fuel Emissions?

stop start batteries centuryThe most familiar term to describe Stop-Start-Batteries vehicle systems is mild or micro-hybrid cars. They have been designed to operate with superior fuel efficiency in mind, reducing emissions by approximately 5 to 10% to induce a cleaner environment.

The downside to this technology is that they require newly developed automotive batteries to withstand the constant idle-stop-start demands, especially in city grid-lock driving conditions.