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Daily, we receive numerous inquiries and always make it our priority to give the best customer support. Therefore, please ensure to leave all the vehicle details required and a message, and we promise to contact you ASAP.

Your phone number is required if your local battery technician needs to discuss your inquiry personally.

Your Benefits & Services: “We Love Our Profession”

  • Prompt roadside assistance – testing, replacement and jump-start.
  • We digitally test your battery and alternator to ensure the charging output is correct.
  • We will clean battery terminals, posts and tray areas with every installation.
  • A protective spray is applied to protect the battery, pole terminals and plug connections from corrosion, weather and battery acids.
  • Nil membership required, use as needed, no yearly fee.
  • Nationwide warranty network.
  • Professional battery technicians, expertise guaranteed.
  • Fully insured for your “Peace of mind” that accidental mishaps will not be an issue.
  • All quoted prices include GST, no nasty surprises upon arriving.
  • The brands used – are Supercharge Batteries and Century Yuasa.
  • Lastly, we love looking after our important customers by solving their stressful situations.

We Are A Spam-Free Zone, Genuine Inquiries Only!

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Our Trading Hours:

Roadside Battery Assistance

Monday to Saturday: 8 AM to 5 PM

Sunday and Public Holidays:

Urgent appointments available – Please use the contact form, and your local Battery Technician will get in touch with you.

Storage Warehouse Location:

Warehouse storage only – We are solely an Emergency Mobile Battery Replacement Service and do not sell products from a Store facility.

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