Mazda 3 Battery Replacement Newcastle Region

mazda 3 battery replacementHas your Mazda 3 battery failed and required a new replacement? We offer a prompt and professional roadside battery assistance throughout the Newcastle region, to get you from being stranded to moving in no time. Being one of the most popular vehicles we service, you can rest assured both you and your car are in good hands.

When your battery reaches the age of about three years, it’s a good idea to get it checked before it fails. Once it reaches 50% of its original starting power or hesitates in starting your car, that’s the best time to replace it. Unfortunately, too many times, we see individuals pushing their vehicle’s battery to its maximum limit, with the result being, getting stranded at the most inconvenient time and place.

We have used and recommended for over 15 years, the Century High-Performance (30 Month Warranty), or the Century Ultra High-Performance (40 Month Warranty) sealed maintenance-free batteries, both come with the innovative Century Smart Drive™ Technology. They are made and engineered in Australia for our conditions for over 86 years, so you can be assured we only want the best for your vehicle.

If your Mazda vehicle is fitted with SKYACTIV i-stop Technology, you must ensure only (I.S.S) Idle Stop-Start Batteries are used in this application. Although they are considerably more expensive than conventional batteries, they are specifically designed to work in conjunction with Idle Stop-Start Systems. Do not use standard types, as they cannot withstand the constant cyclic conditions experienced with this technology, and could eventually damage the electrical system of your car.

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Do You Have A Mazda 3 Battery Replacement For All Year Models?

Yes, we do, and please note that we also supply batteries for the entire Mazda range at affordable prices without compromising quality and professionalism of our services rendered.

See the range list below:

What is Mazda SKYACTIVE i-stop technology, and how does it work? Please click video


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