Century Smart Drive™ Battery Is The Next Generation Choice For Modern Cars

Century Smart Drive™ BatteryTwo of the leading concerns among drivers is the car’s fuel consumption and its emission rate. While there are new car designs that address these issues, not every type of car battery available today can work with modern technology to achieve the best, most efficient results.

However, the Century Smart Drive™ Technology battery offers technology not only to power your car, but to run more efficiently. It can provide you with an option to save on fuel and reduce your car’s emissions by as much as 2%. In vehicles using conventional charging systems, the battery remains continuously charged when the car engine is left running.

As a result, the car does not only consume more fuel it also places a load on the engine and the alternator. Another common issue is when the car engine is running at near-idle or on low during decelerations and in traffic jams.

During this time, the alternator does not supply enough power to operate the electrical system and other accessories. In compensation, the vehicle battery provides the needed power. During regular use, the alternator recharges merely the battery.

How Does The Century Smart Drive™ Battery Technology Work?

In cars that use Regulated Charge Control Systems (RCC) however, the power supplied by the alternator is carefully controlled depending on the car’s running condition and the charge of the battery.

The RCC System supplies power from the car battery itself in order to reduce the load on the vehicle’s engine, effectively lowering vehicle emissions and fuel consumption. It can diagnose the best battery charging method and utilise it simply through analysis of the engine load, the state-of-charge of the battery and the charging requirement.

The Regulated Charge Control System assesses the number of loads required from the engine, so if there is reduced loads the system recharges the battery. It also utilises the alternator for a quick battery recharge using a high-current flow. RCC systems allow car batteries to recharge fast in order to reduce the engine load from the alternator and optimise the consumption of fuel.

With its quick recharge capability, the Century Smart Drive™ Battery Technology offers the advantage of reduced vehicle emissions by as much as 2% and the lowered rate of fuel consumption.


Both the Century Ultra High-Performance and Century High-Performance range come with the Smart Drive™ Technology and are perfectly suited for vehicles operating on gas, diesel and petrol. They can also be used on vehicles that do not run on RCC systems without adverse effects on battery life or vehicle performance.

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