Supercharge Gold Plus Maintenance-Free Battery

supercharge gold plusThe Supercharge Gold Plus battery is the first choice for automobiles needing superior power for starting, additional amps for accessories, longevity and an extended 40-month warranty.

They are suitable for automobiles with large capacity engines that are fully accessorised on the interior and exterior, which places more demand on a battery.

Manufactured with durable internal components, they can endure the most demanding output required by vehicle owners and extreme driving and climate conditions.

The Supercharge Gold Plus battery plates are manufactured with SNT Technology, a combination of lead, calcium and tin that exponentially increases the cold-cranking amps the battery can deliver.

A patented Expanded Grid Technology is used in plate manufacturing, compactly pressed into grid design rolls, making them heavily dense. The result is a plate less prone to increased corrosion damage in hot climates, minor gassing to protect electrolyte levels and increased CCAs.

In addition, the Glass Mat Technology heavily bonds the internal components, protecting them against vibration damage. As a result, it’s a common enemy of batteries in off-road terrains, potholes, and uneven or unsurfaced roads.

Car Battery Australia has been a proud supplier of this product for over 15 years and has accumulated numerous happy customers needing roadside battery assistance with years of trouble-free motoring.

Superior Maintenance-Free Design Features:

  • Hydroeye™ – State of charge indicator


  • Porex Technology – Advanced breather system prevents pressure build-up


  • Liquid Gas Separator – Allows acid recirculation


  • Advanced Polypropelene Casing – Robust impact resistance


  • Polyethylene Envelope Separators – minimise electrical resistance providing more cranking power


  • Proprietory Paste Formulation – Delivers more cranking power and reserve capacity


  • Expanded Lead Calcium Tin Grids – protection against corrosion, overcharging, excessive gassing and creeping

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The Supercharge Gold Plus automotive battery is for the individual demanding a superior product that delivers exceptional power and longevity for many years to come.

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