The Toyota Prius Auxiliary Battery Replacement Uses AMG Technology

Toyota Prius Auxiliary Battery ReplacementWe recently received another Toyota Prius auxiliary battery replacement inquiry in North Sydney from a nice chap named James. The great thing about James, is that he had carried out some online research beforehand, in relation to the exact car battery specified for a Toyota Prius. We were quite impressed actually, that he had taken the initiative to ensure the correct battery was fitted to his vehicle. The fact is, it is vitally important that only Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) batteries are used for this particular type of vehicle.


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Change Your Own Car BatteryIt astounds us, without sounding biased, how many do-it-yourself vehicle battery installations are performed without knowing the real dangers to both the person involved and the vehicle’s electrical system. Take into account also, they are items filled with “Highly Corrosive” sulfuric acid which produces hydrogen and oxygen whilst being charged making them “Highly Flammable”. There are certain safety procedures, equipment and installation know-how to ensure a safe environment when fitting batteries.


How Do Idle Stop Start Batteries And Systems Work, In Cutting Down Fuel Emissions?

Century AGM Idle Stop Start BatteriesThe most familiar term to describe these type of vehicles are mild or micro-hybrid cars. They have been designed to operate with advanced fuel efficiency in mind, hence reducing emissions by approximately 5 to 10% to induce a cleaner environment.

The downside to this technology, is that they require newly developed automotive batteries to withstand the constant idle-stop-start demands, especially in city grid-lock driving conditions.